:: Video By Jamie :: | Allison and Billy – May 24, 2014
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Allison and Billy – May 24, 2014

22 Jun Allison and Billy – May 24, 2014


Over the last several weeks, I’ve previewed their wedding location and uploaded a teaser trailer.  Tonight I’m happy to share the full length video for Allison and Billy!  Without a doubt, this was one of my favorite weddings, and I’m sure you’ll understand why when you watch.  Somehow, we’ve compressed 7-8 hours of coverage info 15 minutes, so be sure not to blink!  Since posting this to Facebook, the response has been fantastic:

“Again, thank you so much Jamie!! We are so in love with it”

“This is absolutely gorgeous I love it! And it absolutely confirms that I want one haha”

“Can’t….stop…..crying!!!  This is so perfect!”

“I have 2 say the wedding video was soooooo beautiful what a fairy tail i was happy crying a little bit because i am happy for u and will you guys are ment to be together for ever and always”

“WOW!!! It was the wedding that you had dreamed and planned for 9 YEARS!!!  PERFECT!!”

So if you know someone getting married soon and they’re ‘considering’ video, please be sure to share this very special wedding!

– Jamie

Allison and Billy – May 24, 2014 from Video by Jamie on Vimeo.