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Audio for Video

10 Oct Audio for Video

When most people think of a wedding, the visuals come to mind. The ceremony, the reception hall, being surrounded by friends and family, and of course the beautiful white dress. As it is increasingly common for couples to want their special day filmed as well as photographed, however, the sounds of the day as well as the visuals will now be committed to memory. Weddings, especially the receptions and parties that follow the ceremonies, are full of spontaneous moments whose audio you need to capture as best you can as it happens—there will be no Take Two.

. . .  and that is why we use up to five and sometimes six microphones to capture audio at any given time at an event!  Using a church ceremony as an example, each of any two cameras used is equipped with their own microphones.  We also infuse audio from a Rode video mic (pictured below) straight onto the memory card containing video.  We’ll use up to three Zoom-brand audio recorders used as either standalone units (one strategically placed between kneelers and one often at the podium to capture reader audio) or in conjunction with lapel microphones and inserted into a groom’s pocket to make sure to get the best audio from vows and rings!  All of this is done very discretely while at the same time effectively getting the best sound for your event!

Weddings are filled with special moments that the couple and their families will want to remember for years to come. You will not get a second chance to get the sound from these moments recorded, so preparation and having the right equipment are key.

– Jamie

– includes excerpts originally published by B&H (for more information about the various recording options available, check out the link below)