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Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever

12 Dec Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever

The title pretty much sums up this blog post!  While researching some new filming techniques I stumbled across perhaps one of the coolest engagement ‘presentations’.  Matt’s proposal to Ginny was posted about a year ago and received over 21 million hits!  So what’s so great about this video?  It’s the genius that makes all Matt’s work leading up to the actual proposal appear ‘live’ to the viewers, right up to the point when he enters the room in person.  He’s also got a key family member in on the plan from the early going.

I don’t want to spoil too much of this and so I urge all of you to take 5 minutes to check out the detail that went into this presentation to make it so special.  Way to go Matt and congrats to you and Ginny!

– Jamie

Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER from Matt and Ginny on Vimeo.