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Indian Pond Country Club

07 Nov Indian Pond Country Club

In just a few weeks, we will be wrapping up the 2013 wedding season, but once again will have the pleasure of encountering yet another new event venue. Indian Pond Country Club in New Kingston, Massachusetts advertises that their facility is “graced with picturesque views of the fountain pond and rolling hills of Indian Pond.”  The Club’s brochure boasts a tree-lined entrance, three-tiered fountain pond and a stone bridge.

While I discovered a number of videos online all displaying the beauty of the Club, I thought one from I DO Cinematrography stood out from the rest.  With an early December wedding, I can only imagine the holiday theming both inside and out.  And who knows, maybe there will be a chance of snow to add that extra special touch to all the gorgeous scenery already captured in these clips.

Looking forward to filming Tammy and Evan’s wedding.  You guys truly picked a great venue for your most memorable event!  For anyone who has attended a wedding at Indian Pond Country Club, we welcome your comments and feedback!  And look out for a teaser trailer from Indian Pond CC just before Christmas!

– Jamie

Weddings at Indian Pond Country Club, Kingston MA – I DO Cinematography, Dmitriy Dribinskiy from I DO Cinematography on Vimeo.