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ProAm USA DVC60 Camera Crane

28 Jun ProAm USA DVC60 Camera Crane

Did you ever wonder how great wedding videos (or even Hollywood productions for that matter) are able to pull off such smooth, yet wide sweeping shots?  It’s with a camera crane.  Up until now, I always thought something like this was either too large and elaborate or too expensive to be added to my equipment inventory.  But thanks to a great new ‘mini’ crane by ProAM, all of that will go by the wayside . . . with a price point of just $199.  So for those of you getting married who like this look, don’t be afraid to ask your videographer if they’ll use a crane in their shots!

I’ve included two videos in this week’s post because while the first shows the smooth and elegant design and performance of the crane, it doesn’t exactly show what it can do for videos.

This second video is a GREAT example of the impressive use of this great tool.  Both are about 1-minute each so I encourage you to watch both!

You can learn more by visiting the ProAm USA website directly (click HERE) or find them on Facebook as BC Media Inc.

– Jamie