:: Video By Jamie :: | Snowfall Time Lapse
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Snowfall Time Lapse

21 Feb Snowfall Time Lapse

As I patiently wait out the continued snowfall and frozen temperatures (and long for the 2014 ‘season’ to truly begin), I figured I would try to make the most of my situation this past weekend and have a little fun.  I’ve had very little experience to this point with time lapse photography but thought giving it a try with this past Saturday’s snow storm could produce some neat results.

In the end, I took one still frame every 30 seconds for about 2-3 hours and strung them together at a rate of 24 frames per second.  Some fun things to watch for in this short 17-second clip? 1) the bare spot in the driveway is covered almost instantly, 2) the bush closest to the window (or the snow on top of them anyway) grows quickly, and 3) two cars go by in a blink and two separate tire tracks (the 2nd by a car that isn’t visible) are formed.

I’m planning to make more productive use of time lapse photography when nicer weather (and maybe outdoor ceremonies) prevail!  For now, I hope you enjoy a little winter fun!

– Jamie