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More Tips For A Great Wedding Video

14 Mar More Tips For A Great Wedding Video

Recently, I found a really interesting collection of video tips for couples in the planning stages of their wedding.  Martha Stewart Weddings has a organized a diverse list that go beyond simply choosing your videographer.  Rather they help you set expectations for the film you’ll get and help you decide what’s truly important.  Which tip do you think is most helpful?  Share your thoughts below on this list with fellow readers.

Check out the link HERE or below for more details on this list of nine and you’ll become all the more prepared for your big day!

– Jamie

 Martha Stewart Weddings – Tips For A Great Wedding Video

1. Advice From An Expert

2. Stage a Movie Marathon

3. Decide About Dialogue

4. Be Realistic About Run Time

5. Get the Full Effects

6. Adjust Your Music Expectations

7. Coordinate Your Camera Crew

8. Order the iPad Version

9. Request a Quick Turnaround