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Wedding Trends to Avoid in 2017

20 Mar Wedding Trends to Avoid in 2017

The theming of your wedding should feel unique, specific to you, and worthy of your special day. But the look of your event should also stand the test of time. Pinterest boards are made, and trends are quickly copied. So to help avoid such a blunder, Vogue recently reached out to seven top wedding planners to hear which trends they believe would be a mistake to incorporate in 2017.

The result? A lively mix of opinions as to what has been overused, will soon look dated, and personal dislikes.  So what exactly is on the list?  Family-style dinners, chalkboard signs, food trucks and naming your drinks just to name a few.  So click HERE to read the full article by Madeline Luckel and read all about why the ‘cowboy boots with tuxedos’ thing is on the way out – if it was ever in?

Which items do you agree with?  Which will stand the test of time?  Are there other trends that SHOULD be on the list?  Be sure to share your thoughts!

– Jamie