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What NOT To Do at a Wedding

01 May What NOT To Do at a Wedding

Earlier this year, Wedding Ideas Magazine posted a list of 8 simple rules to follow when it comes to either planning or simply just being a guest at a wedding (this doesn’t have to be about your own wedding).

So it’s a given that something will go wrong at a wedding – it might rain, your heel might break, and your great aunt Freida might get horrendously drunk, fall asleep and snore during the speeches. It’s all part of the experience of a wedding day, and you just have to let it go and laugh!

Having said that, there ARE some basic rules to follow to avoid wedding fails – watch the (hilarious) video below and see if you agree!

Rule 1: Exercise caution when catching the bouquet

Rule 2: Invest in a good-quality belt

Rule 3: Keep all animals on a leash

Rule 4: Piggybacks are a no-no

Rule 5: Always be aware of water features

Rule 6: If you’re feeling faint, just sit down!

Rule 7: Practice your first dance

Rule 8: Get a grip . . on your shoes that is

To read the full article, click HERE or go to www.weddingideasmag.com.

– Jamie