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3 Things To Know About Wedding Videography

28 Aug 3 Things To Know About Wedding Videography

I recently came across an article online from Brides Magazine that gave some really great advice to those planning a wedding.  Of course, it was specific to video and of course, it made recommendations about why to have it and how to approach the budget and hiring processes.

I’ve pointed out so many times about how one of the most common regrets brides have after the wedding is not having hired a videographer. In addition to wedding photos, a video is the one thing a couple will have for the rest of their lives to help them relive the very special day — from the emotional vows to the hilarious toasts.  So from this article, here are three key elements of hiring the right videographer.  I really enjoyed reading this piece because it didn’t get into technical details or force couples to ask questions that when answered probably would create more confusion anyway. Instead, it focuses on establishing relationships and connecting with the right company.

1. Weigh your options
While balancing a wedding budget is always tricky, its important to consider your options before you choose to settle for a studio you aren’t happy with or drop videography all together. Work videography into your wedding budget from the start to avoid having to cut costs on any other important part of your big day.

2. Find a connection
It goes without saying that you should love your videographer’s work; however, you should also get a sense of their personality, even if it’s just through a quick phone conversation. It’s hard to know how you are going to feel on your wedding day, and you want to be comfortable with the team that will be there with you through it all.

3. Communicate
Set up a time to meet with your videographer to communicate some of the personal details of your big day. Whether it’s the history behind a special gift, or an heirloom piece of jewelry you’ll be wearing, these special moments make for great video shots that you’ll want to remember. This information also helps the videographer decide what to include in the final edit!