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18 Feb Wedding Dates to Avoid in 2016, 2017 and 2018

Trying to find the perfect date to get married? Or maybe taking the opposite approach - what dates should you avoid altogether? An article published recently on the knot and written by Justine Lorelle Blanchardheck takes all the effort out of this second...

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31 Jan Alexandra and Kyle – January 16, 2016

Exactly one week before the Snowpocalypse hit the eastern U.S., another event took center stage. Alexandra and Kyle were married on January 16th, 2016 but thankfully without the fanfare of a winter storm. The two were married at the Cambridge Vineyard, a beautiful church in its...

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28 Aug 3 Things To Know About Wedding Videography

I recently came across an article online from Brides Magazine that gave some really great advice to those planning a wedding.  Of course, it was specific to video and of course, it made recommendations about why to have it and how to approach the budget and...

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18 Jan Magic Lantern to the Rescue

For this week's post, I'd thought I'd head back in the tech/product direction and have a little fun (while at the same time trying to make life just a little easier).  For those of you shooting video with Canon DSLR, I can't recommend Magic Lantern...

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