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24 Jan Best Save the Date Videos

I recently noticed online a bit of attention being paid to 'Save the Date' notifications, not cards sent through the mail, but videos that engaged couples were hard at work to create and share with their invited wedding guests.  Most recently, Judy and Erdouglas put...

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18 Jan Magic Lantern to the Rescue

For this week's post, I'd thought I'd head back in the tech/product direction and have a little fun (while at the same time trying to make life just a little easier).  For those of you shooting video with Canon DSLR, I can't recommend Magic Lantern...

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30 May Video Tips for Brides to Be

I stumbled across this video last week while researching some filmmaking techniques and I found it to be quite unique!  It is a detailed list of tips submitted by Celeste Studios for couples planning to have their wedding filmed.  Rather than provide advice of what...

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