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Magic Lantern to the Rescue

18 Jan Magic Lantern to the Rescue

For this week’s post, I’d thought I’d head back in the tech/product direction and have a little fun (while at the same time trying to make life just a little easier).  For those of you shooting video with Canon DSLR, I can’t recommend Magic Lantern enough!  There are numerous features available through this freeware (that’s right I said free) program that is also recognized by Canon as a way to upgrade your camera.  Today, I want to highlight something called ‘rack focus’.

Rack focus settings on a camera through Magic Lantern allow you to independently focus on two separate objects or points and then save them into memory.  How does this help me?  Without the benefit of auto-focus, changing my focal point while recording from one setting to another gets rather tricky and often is not perfect.  Now, I can set my points and with a simple click can toggle focus automatically back-and-forth between my two points.

The videos below offer first a tutorial of how this is accomplished and then second, a really neat demonstration of the technology in action.

To learn more about Magic Lantern, click HERE.

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks as always for reading and following!

– Jamie


Rack Focus in Magic Lantern from JD on Vimeo.


Canon 550d + Magic Lantern Firmware – Rack Focus from CircleStudio on Vimeo.