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Best Save the Date Videos

24 Jan Best Save the Date Videos

I recently noticed online a bit of attention being paid to ‘Save the Date’ notifications, not cards sent through the mail, but videos that engaged couples were hard at work to create and share with their invited wedding guests.  Most recently, Judy and Erdouglas put their dance moves and costume changes to work with the help of Beyonce and Jay-Z.  It’s a look at how they saw their lives before meeting one another and what they’ve become since then.


Judy and Erdouglas Wedding Announcement from Erdouglas Ling on Vimeo.


While this video was both fun and heartfelt, I wanted to explore more of what was out there and that led me to Bob and Jill’s video from the UK.  The great use of text and split screens along with perfect music almost made me feel like I was watching a dating website advertisement on TV because it was so well done.  I was very impressed with the many visual tools and effects that went well beyond a simple point-and-shoot timeline video.

Save The Date Video by White Balloon Films from White Balloon Films on Vimeo.


Well, I could not stop there. After even more searching, I came across the ULTIMATE in Save the Date videos.  For what I would describe as a true ‘movie trailer’, I otherwise won’t spoil it further and will simply encourage you to watch this final video . . . and maybe bring some popcorn!  As the title would indicate, it is truly EPIC!  I can only imagine how great this wedding must have been!

Have any other favorite Save the Date videos you’d like to share?  Be sure to leave us your comments!

– Jamie