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Q & A


How much coverage do I need?
  • While every event is different, coverage for most follow a similar format. Coverage is continuous from the start time that will begin 1 or 2 hours prior to the ceremony (depending on location). We recommend capturing footage through at least the first 3 hours of your reception to capture all formalities.
Should I have filming begin at the ceremony location or where we are getting ready?
  • This is simply a matter of preference and should be based on what you’ll want to watch later. Coverage beginning at your ceremony location begins 1 hour prior to the ceremony and beginning elsewhere requires at least a 2-hour head start.
Should I have 1 videographer or 2?
  • While not always ‘necessary’, adding a 2nd videographer gives you flexibility to film simultaneous events (i.e. both bride and groom getting ready, cocktail hour coverage during formal pictures, etc.). You also gain the benefit of a 2nd shooter to capture additional details during those most important parts of your day.
Can I get second camera coverage with just one videographer?
  • Actually yes. All 1-videographer packages will include a stationary second camera for the ceremony. This allows the videographer to move from one location to another without sacrificing a smooth look to your finished video.

Pricing and Contracts

How much do your video packages cost?
  • Because every event is different, we do customize each and every quote for our clients. With just a few details that help us understand your video needs, we are happy to provide you with a quick and easy package quote, often on the same-day.
What do you need to lock-in my date? How much of a deposit is required?
  • All packages require just a $200 deposit and signed contract to lock-in your date. All contracts are emailed to you for review and final contracts can be sent either as hardcopies or electronically (e-signature options are also available).
What types of payment do you accept?
  • We accept cash, checks and money orders as well as credit/debit card, Paypal and other electronic payment forms.
What happens after I have booked my video package?
  • Approximately 2 months before your wedding, you will receive a detailed questionnaire. We suggest you take your time in filling this out and provide us with as much information as you can to help us best prepare for your day. We ask that the questionnaire be returned to us along with your remaining balance approximately two weeks before your wedding.


What shooting and editing styles do you offer and which is best?
  • We offer both a traditional documentary/’timeline’ approach as well as the Hollywood/’cinematic’ style that has grown in popularity in recent years. While the cinematic approach provides a shorter finished product, it is fully shareable online and also comes with all raw footage at no extra charge.
How long does the editing process take? Will I receive anything prior to the full completion date?
  • Turnaround time from wedding date to DVD delivery can vary based on the month of your wedding but typically your video should be ready in no more than 6 to 8 weeks. The editing process once started will take approximately 3 weeks and early in that process, we put together a short ‘teaser’ trailer for you and your family/friends to enjoy while we finish editing. The teaser trailer is also added to all completed DVD’s.
How many DVD copies will I receive? Can I receive the video in a digital format?
  • Packages include 3 finished product DVD’s (1 raw copy also included with cinematic videos). Additional DVD’s can be purchased for a nominal fee. All teaser videos and cinematic segments are also uploaded to our Vimeo page for sharing with family and friends. Videos can also be added to flash drives and other portable storage devices.
What is a ‘same-day’ video and is this option available?
  • As the name suggests, a same-day video gives you and your guests the opportunity to relive the highlights of your day ON YOUR DAY. For an additional fee, we provide all the necessary personnel and equipment to both produce and show the video at your reception. We do suggest having a second videographer to continue filming while the editing process takes place.


If I book a package with you, who will be the actual videographer on my date?
  • Unlike some studios who promise you will have ‘Videographer A’ only to switch them to another job, we let you know before you book who is available and show you samples of THEIR work. We also give you the opportunity to either talk with or even meet your videographer in advance.
What if you are sick on the day of my wedding? Is there a backup plan?
  • Since 1991, I have personally missed just one event due to illness. If something were to happen, however, we have additional associates within our company as well as other professionals available to ensure all those special moments are captured.
Do you carry liability insurance?
  • We do carry appropriate liability insurance and are happy to provide coverage information as required by event venues.


What type of equipment do you use? Do you film in HD?
  • We film using only full-frame 1080P high definition Canon DSLR cameras. All content is then edited using Final Cut Pro software.
What type of microphones do you use? Where are they located?
  • While it may sound like an odd statement, capturing good audio is perhaps more critical than the video itself. We utilize both on-camera and off-camera microphones and use no less than four microphones for ceremony coverage. This includes a lapel microphone worn by either the groom or officiant to clearly capture vows and ring exchange.