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Choosing the Right Wedding Date

04 Jan Choosing the Right Wedding Date

A few weeks ago, I shared some helpful information about wedding dates to avoid.  Now that we’re into the New Year and there are just so many newly-engaged couples out there, I thought it might be even more helpful to share some tips for choosing the best wedding date.  And what better publication to better help to narrow the right date but the Old Farmer’s Almanac!  That’s right, that book we all grew up with that helped to predict weather as well as provide tips for gardening, astronomy, and cooking has put together a great list of topics to consider when choosing the right wedding date.

In addition to the obvious wedding weather, you can also get tips to make plans around sunset times, full moons & even tide predictors for beach weddings!  For those of us in the New England area, they’ve even gone to the extend of providing a foliage map!

To learn more, be sure to CLICK HERE and access all this helpful information and more from our friends at the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Enjoy!  Jamie