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Fantastic Tripod

08 Feb Fantastic Tripod

Continuing with our series of equipment recommendations, we look this week at our quest to find the right tripod.  For me, I had very specific needs that a ‘starter’ tripod (or anything else I already had in my inventory) would not be able to meet.  What were those needs? 1) I needed to be able to mount a separate head that I already owned, 2) I needed the unit to have locking leg positions that would allow me to film from a very low angle (i.e. the legs needed to have the ability to be pulled-out almost to a horizontal position), 3) with the addition of a slider and very heavy zoom lense to our inventory, I needed to make sure the new tripod could support that weight.

After a search that took two months and involved receiving and returning 3 other tripods (one drawback of ordering online – you can’t try it out until you get it), I finally was able to locate the tripod we were looking for. In the end, I landed back with Manfrotto, the most trusted name in camera hardware.  I should have known better than to try these other brands as I already have Manfrotto heads and monopods in my inventory.

The 055XB is described as follows:

“Built on the same ergonomically improved design as the 055XPROB, but without the horizontal centre column feature, the 055XB is lighter in weight and slightly more compact. One of the most versatile and popular tripods in the Manfrotto range. This version is sturdy and portable enough to take in the field, ideal for medium format and SLR. A low angle adapter stores on the bottom of the centre column. Leg section diameters in mm: 29.4, 25, 20.”

While this tripod may go a bit farther than what you need, it is well priced at under $150 and can grow with you for either personal or professional photo and video needs.

– Jamie