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Konova K2 Slider

30 Nov Konova K2 Slider

Heading into the off-season for wedding professionals means many things.  For most of us, it’s a chance to get caught-up and then ‘gear’-up for the next year.  New ‘gear’ is first and foremost on my list heading into 2014 and I’ve decided to make a splash with my first slider, the K2 from Konova.  And what better day to share my purchase than of course Black Friday!

A camera slider like this one will add enormous production value to films. The smooth camera movement of a slider gives a very professional feel that cannot be replicated by any sort of handheld shooting. This slider has a professional build and with care should last me for years.

We are all used to seeing what sliders can do whether we realize it or not.  EdmerOmniPhotography put together a really cool demo of just a few of the possibilities.  After watching this and seeing the role a slider plays, don’t be surprised if you catch yourself noticing its use in movies and on tv shows (that is in between all of that weekend shopping).

– Jamie


konova Slider Demo from edmer on Vimeo.