:: Video By Jamie :: | ‘Save the Date’ for Pats fans
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‘Save the Date’ for Pats fans

14 Mar ‘Save the Date’ for Pats fans

By John Breech | CBSSports.com

If you’re having a wedding and you want people to actually show up, then there’s only one option: Find a picture of an excited looking Bill Belichick, plaster it on a “Save the Date” card and then send it to everyone you know.

As you can see below, that’s exactly what one couple in New England did.

How could you NOT go to that wedding if you got a “Save the Date” like that in the mail.

The bride-to-be, Jessica Dempsey, explained in an email to CBSSports.com how this brilliant “Save the Date” came to be — and the story might actually be cooler than the actual “Save the Date” itself.

“Scott let me have free reign with the Save the Date,” Dempsey wrote.

Now here’s where it gets fun.

“Our first date was the AFC Championship game in 2012 — the Billy Cundiff whiffed kick game (Cundiff missed a 32-yard field goal in a 23-20 Patriots win) — and I run football camps for women, so it was natural we’d try to incorporate football in some way,” Dempsey wrote. “In fact, Scott bought those tickets as a way to escape from the friend zone. It worked, and it was convenient because even if I sucked, he got to be at a playoff game and ditch me later.”

Kudos to Scott, who has now proven that getting out of the friend zone isn’t impossible.

Now back to the “Save the Date” cards.

“The idea just hit me one night randomly. I put my very limited Photoshop skills to work, and sent the proof to my Mom for approval. She loved them, my 90-year-old grandmother loved them, and so we had them printed,” Dempsey wrote. “We are big on making people laugh, and we have lots of friends who are Seahawks and Giants fans — how awesome that they have to have Belichick’s face attached to their fridge for the next 8 months.”

Now you might be wondering, “Cool story, but how did Jessica and Scott’s ‘Save the the Date’ card end up in the Patriots Twitter feed?”

Well, there’s an answer to that.

“I tend to procrastinate, and I was supposed to get stamps and send the cards out last week. I forgot, so I figured I would feel less like a lazy bride if I sent a facebook message over to the Patriots with our ‘Save the Dates,'” Dempsey explained.

Anyway, since Jessica is clearly a huge Patriots fan, we had to ask her one more thing: Should the Seahawks have given the ball to Marshawn?

“Yes, the Seahawks absolutely should have given the ball to Marshawn Lynch,” Dempsey wrote. “I’m not sure about the conspiracy theories that they didn’t give it to him on purpose, but that was clearly a bad decision. Hindsight is always 20/20, though. I’m glad it worked out in our favor, but I’m sorry for Lynch that he didn’t get the moment that he deserved.”

And just in case you’re wondering how big the Butler interception was to Patriots nation, well, let’s just say there could be a lot of Malcolm Butlers running around the Boston-area in the future.

“Malcolm Butler is not entirely off the table as a [baby] name. Even if it’s a girl,” Dempsey wrote.