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15 Jun Cloudy Day Timelapse

The focus of this week's blog is the second in our first ever time lapse series.  Back in February, you may remember the snow fall time lapse filmed through a dining room window.  Well I'm happy to share a more 'pleasant' set of weather conditions...

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21 Feb Snowfall Time Lapse

As I patiently wait out the continued snowfall and frozen temperatures (and long for the 2014 'season' to truly begin), I figured I would try to make the most of my situation this past weekend and have a little fun.  I've had very little experience...

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18 Jan Magic Lantern to the Rescue

For this week's post, I'd thought I'd head back in the tech/product direction and have a little fun (while at the same time trying to make life just a little easier).  For those of you shooting video with Canon DSLR, I can't recommend Magic Lantern...

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14 Aug Canon EOS 70D

About a month ago, Canon released information about the newest in its line of DSLR cameras, the EOS 70D.  They describe it as a 'game changer' and those who have moved to DSLR to shoot video would probably agree when they review some of the...

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