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22 Aug Rebecca and Chris – Video Teaser

Going back once again to a previous post from a few weeks ago, in our Some Place ‘Old’, Some Place ‘New’ segment, I’m happy to share a first look at Rebecca and Chris and their wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club in Lincoln on July 11th.  Their...

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08 Dec Ines and Hugo – Sneak Preview

Ines and Hugo were married on Saturday, October 12th ('Columbus Day Saturday' as many of us like to refer to it).  The ceremony took place at St. Cecelia in Pawtucket with formals at Fort Tabor in New Bedford.  We posted a previous blog about their...

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16 Aug Tricia and Steven – Video Preview

Hi Everyone, Many of you have been waiting for the video teaser to Tricia and Steven's DVD, and we’re happy to bring it to you tonight!  Just click on the link below and you’ll see footage from the ceremony, formals at the Yachting Center and even the reception.  Thank...

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