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14 Mar More Tips For A Great Wedding Video

Recently, I found a really interesting collection of video tips for couples in the planning stages of their wedding.  Martha Stewart Weddings has a organized a diverse list that go beyond simply choosing your videographer.  Rather they help you set expectations for the film you'll...

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01 Mar Great Wedding Video Tips

For all of those brides- (and grooms) to-be out there, the idea of wanting a wedding video is easy. Figuring out the kind of video or what to include in your video . . . maybe not so much. The Knot has recently put together...

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26 Sep Tips on Choosing a Wedding Videographer

There are a lot of videographers out there and several articles meant to help brides figure out how to go about making the right choices.  It is not terribly difficult to find someone willing to record your wedding for money.  Bill Nixon of Everwedd in...

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30 May Video Tips for Brides to Be

I stumbled across this video last week while researching some filmmaking techniques and I found it to be quite unique!  It is a detailed list of tips submitted by Celeste Studios for couples planning to have their wedding filmed.  Rather than provide advice of what...

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