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Trash the Dress

31 Jan Trash the Dress

Hot Videography Trend?  Who knew?  I’m talking about a recent article I came across (only published a few weeks ago by the way) that listed four hot videography trends.  A few on the list were ones I’m familiar with and probably you are too: turning your video into a documentary, making a trailer from your footage that looks like a Hollywood movie trailer . . .  But there was one I had never heard of until today.

“The wedding is over and now you have a gown you’ll likely never wear again hanging in your closet. Giving it to a local charity that supports low-income brides is a wonderful gesture, but if you’ve been dying to let off some of the steam that built up in the planning stages, consider a “Trash the Dress” video. Brides jump in a puddle of mud, let kids put their sticky little hands all over it, or rip it to shreds with their friends—this video is all about having fun. While it’s not a necessary piece of wedding memorabilia, it could be one of your favorite keepsakes.”

Good idea?  Crazy idea?  You decide.  Post your comments and also let us know what other ‘hot’ and perhaps wacky ideas you’ve seen or heard of.

– Jamie