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Welcome to the Skyroom

03 Oct Welcome to the Skyroom

Next week we will have the pleasure of encountering yet another new event venue.  The Skyroom in New Bedford, Massachusetts advertises as ‘the best place to start; if you need to host or coordinate a banquet, luncheon, retirement or holiday party for your family and friends, business or club.’

From a few photos I found online, the charm of this facility is plain to see all on its own.  The windows are huge, the brickwork is classic, and the tile is gorgeous . . . not to mention the height of the ceilings gives this place a true ‘openness’ (I’m very intrigued to find out how that 2nd photograph was actually taken).

Looking forward to filming Ines and Hugo’s wedding.  You guys truly picked a gem for your most memorable event!  For anyone who has attended a wedding at the Skyroom, we welcome your comments and feedback!

– Jamie