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Photography vs Videography

26 Apr Photography vs Videography

It’s not too often that I try to use my blog as a tool of persuasion, but after a recent ‘encounter’ I had with a photographer who treated me like we were still in the 1980’s, I thought this might be an appropriate forum to compare the two mediums.

It used to be that photography was THE way to go since video was very much boring and limited to a camera on a tripod. Not to mention that when video first started becoming popular in weddings, the quality of it was very limited. Back then, there really was no storytelling or ‘filmmaking’. With huge advances in the quality of video formats in the last few years – really creative people have been able to make really creative videos. So wedding videos actually became fun to watch!

I strongly advise anyone to hire both a professional photographer and professional videographer for your wedding. Both are investments that not only remain long after your wedding day, but they will both increase in value to you as the years go by. That being said, unfortunately some couples will have to make the difficult choice to hire one or the other. Here are some things to take under consideration if you’re forced to make that decision:

1. Imagine yourselves ten years down the road, piled on the couch with your kids, pets, parents, or just the two of you. Which do you think you’d want to do on a Friday night, flip through your photo album or watch a movie of your wedding?

2. Which format do you think will capture the emotions of your day better, still photos or video? Do you think pictures or video will bring you the closest to reliving your wedding day?

3. Let’s assume if you don’t hire a professional that your friends will help out. Are your friends better equipped to take good pictures or good video footage? If they have decent video camera and audio equipment and the skill to get some steady shots, you’d want to let them take your video footage and hire a professional photographer. If they have decent camera equipment and can take some good shots, you’d want to let them take the photos and hire a professional videographer.

Obviously I love video and would go that direction myself, and that’s why I went into videography, but hopefully these are relatively unbiased questions that you, family or friends can think over before making your decision.

– Jamie