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15 Jun Cloudy Day Timelapse

The focus of this week's blog is the second in our first ever time lapse series.  Back in February, you may remember the snow fall time lapse filmed through a dining room window.  Well I'm happy to share a more 'pleasant' set of weather conditions...

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26 Apr Photography vs Videography

It’s not too often that I try to use my blog as a tool of persuasion, but after a recent ‘encounter’ I had with a photographer who treated me like we were still in the 1980’s, I thought this might be an appropriate forum to...

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15 Mar Harrington Farm – Princeton, MA

Earlier this week, I posted a link for Facebook and Twitter followers to the Harrington Farm website.  I couldn't have picked a nicer venue to kickoff the 2013 wedding season.  Just a little while ago, I found a great slideshow that showcases the venue and its...

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16 Oct Congratulations Nakia and Ronald Tull

Congratulations to Ron and Nakia (Garrett) Tull, married yesterday (Sunday) October 14th.  The couple were wed at Community Baptist Church in Newport,RI and then traveled with family and friends to Easton’s Beach Rotunda for their reception.  Shonte and Brooke McDowell shared the role of Maid...

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