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19 Oct Two Cameras Are Better Than One

Recently, I came across a great article that outlines the advantages of a two-camera approach to filming a wedding, especially the ceremony.  Marc Gold of 24KT Sound & Video of San Pedro CA is part of a family-owned video production company that has been serving...

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10 Oct Audio for Video

When most people think of a wedding, the visuals come to mind. The ceremony, the reception hall, being surrounded by friends and family, and of course the beautiful white dress. As it is increasingly common for couples to want their special day filmed as well...

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14 Aug Canon EOS 70D

About a month ago, Canon released information about the newest in its line of DSLR cameras, the EOS 70D.  They describe it as a 'game changer' and those who have moved to DSLR to shoot video would probably agree when they review some of the...

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28 Jun ProAm USA DVC60 Camera Crane

Did you ever wonder how great wedding videos (or even Hollywood productions for that matter) are able to pull off such smooth, yet wide sweeping shots?  It's with a camera crane.  Up until now, I always thought something like this was either too large and...

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