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Two Cameras Are Better Than One

19 Oct Two Cameras Are Better Than One

Recently, I came across a great article that outlines the advantages of a two-camera approach to filming a wedding, especially the ceremony.  Marc Gold of 24KT Sound & Video of San Pedro CA is part of a family-owned video production company that has been serving clients in the southern California area for over 35 years.

So what does Marc have to say about a two-camera approach?  I’ve included his thoughts below . . . and keep in mind that whether alone or as a team, ALL of our packages include a two-camera shoot!

“Having more than one camera to record your wedding video, particularly the ceremony, is not only more pleasing to watch, but that second camera can be a lifesaver in the event someone unexpectedly stands up and blocks a camera during an important part of the ceremony. That’s exactly what happened in the video below taken from Derrick and Cherrie’s outdoor wedding reception at the Westin LAX Hotel.

Did the guest do this on purpose? No. He only wanted to take a few snap shots with his point-and-shoot camera. He just wasn’t very observant and didn’t realize that he placed himself directly in the aisle in front of the video camera. Now, if it were just going to be a matter of one quick picture and back to his seat, that wouldn’t have been so bad, but he stayed there for quite a while. Fortunately there was a 2nd camera up front that was recording the event.”

You can read more of Marc’s posts directly by visiting his site at http://24ktsound.com/

– Jamie

Strictly for Brides: Do I Really Need Two Cameras? from Marc Gold on Vimeo.