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05 Nov Jennifer and George – September 27, 2014

For this week's post, I wanted to share a sneak peek at a wedding filmed in late September - when the weather was still nice and warm! Jennifer and George were married on Saturday, September 27th at St. Gregory the Great in Warwick with a reception...

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22 Aug Rebecca and Chris – Video Teaser

Going back once again to a previous post from a few weeks ago, in our Some Place ‘Old’, Some Place ‘New’ segment, I’m happy to share a first look at Rebecca and Chris and their wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club in Lincoln on July 11th.  Their...

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09 Jul Some Place ‘Old’, Some Place ‘New’

The peak of the summer season is also the peak of the wedding season and this upcoming weekend is no exception.  With back-to-back events this Friday night and Saturday, I find myself traveling to a familiar favorite and then a wedding location I've never visited...

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10 May Can You Dance New England Highlights

Recently, I shared some information about a very exciting and worthy event held at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet called 'Can You Dance New England'.  The competition was held last week on May 1st and did not disappoint.  All dancers did a fantastic job and prizes...

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